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PROFIBUS is standardized in IEC 61158 – the foundation has therefore been laid for

interoperability and compatibility. Furthermore the PROFIBUS PA profile allows the

smooth cooperative working of process devices on the bus. The current PROFIBUS

PA version V3.02 includes many functions, which make the handling of field devices

even easier, e.g. in case of a device exchange. 

When a field device is exchanged the new device automatically takes over the role of

the predecessor device – therefore a device exchange can be carried out easily and

without interruption of the system operation. 

This automatic adaption is also possible with devices of different generations.

This means that standardization offers more flexibility and no limitation in your choice

of supplier. Indeed, in the meanwhile there is a vast range of devices available that can

be combined in almost any way. A focus on only one manufacturer is no longer given.

Even replacing devices later on is absolutely easy and with PROFIBUS new devices

are always backward-compatible.




PROFINET is a data communications solution for industrial automation. It uses open

standards and provides an Ethernet connection between the field level and the

management environment. PROFINET can also be used directly in the field to

automate real-time connections machines where PROFIBUS has reached its limit .

PROFINET and PROFIBUS are frequently combined.







Industrial Ethernet



Each AMC network, CC-Link IE (IE character stands for Industrial Ethernet, Industrial Ethernet System) is a network of high-

performance systems for automated manufacturing. This development allows the introduction of network failures are prevalent

in the industry. The system must have the ability to deploy and troubleshoot crashes easily. The same standard for Ethernet in


Network integration, based on Ethernet, industrial clans CC-Link IE is applied to control specific requirements. Consists of a

network of command and control (control), Fieldbus networks and mobile based on Ethernet. And transfer data without friction.

Without affecting the successive stages of the network. It can be installed on the network, CC-Link Fieldbus native Ethernet is

not possible.  


CC-Link IE Control Network is a network that is highly reliable for linking big industry. The modular command and control center

efficiency. Cable fiber optic bi-directional system with redundant network that only allows data transfer speeds of up to 1 GBit / s

network Floating Master helps stabilize the process and detect defects. the cables automatically CC-Link -IE-Field Network was

set up under the control of the order. Can be used as a network point only to dump a 1 GBit / s via cable, Cat-5e (no cables, fiber

optic) and we can also use CC-Link version of the original with. the new The network covers all the necessary interfaces. The

reason for both of these applications support network. Safety and CC-Link




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