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Embedded Automation Computers

As a leading industrial automation solution provider, Advantech’s offers a complete range of embedded automation computers with

each series coming in three sizes: palm, small and 

 Embedded PC is a small industrial-grade PC. That is designed to run in an environment with high temperatures. Timers By design,

the thermal resistance and high heat without a fan. The reason for Embedded PC functionality more effectively and appropriately with

all industries today.



A computer that is embedded in various devices. Making it invisible from the exterior that. A computer used for work only.By acting

control functions, such as a microwave oven.  The oil wristwatch device to play games and so on.


The salient features of the Embedded Computer

>> The machine is made from aluminum. Thermal well By eliminating the need for fans Do not let dust or chemicals entering the

body via the fan. It also has strong Highly durable, too

>>Can operate in high temperature environments. (Ventilated) at -5 ~ 55 °.

>>Support 24 hours a day seven days.

>>Anti-vibration and shock loads as well.

>>Supports low-power DC 9-36Vdc. (Each model is not the same).

>>Small and lightweight Support the installation of a variety of forms, such as in the control cabinet and wall mount, even can be

installed in cars.

>>Supports storage on both CF Card and HDD, SSD.


>>Supported operating systems such as Window XP Pro, WES2009, Windows 7 Pro, WES7, WES7P.











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