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Design / installation / consulting / system modifications.


SCADA system 

Our SCADA system offers maximum functionality and a user-friendly user interface. With this configurable

and scalable system, you have the advantage of absolute openness to both the office environment and to

production. An integrated process database and Plant Intelligence, for example, ensure transparency in

production. Numerous options and add-ons extend and expand the scope of performance.



Project Consulting

So you know you need to automate your process and want to do it yourself but don't even know where to start?

Our experts can help with more than just software. We can offer input on all the tools you need and how to use

them to achieve your goals. We are not system integrators, so if you want someone to do everything we

recommend using a system integrator  but if you want to do the work in house, you can leverage our experience

in HMI, SCADA, process control, test and measurement, and data acquisition systems without the expense of

hiring a full time employee.








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